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To get to Chintsa from the N2, take Exit 26, about 25km northeast of East London, and follow the signs for East Coast Resorts. The Chintsa River and the salty estuary into which it flows divide the Chintsa area into two parts. The town center resides on the northern shore of the estuary and is called Chintsa East; south of the estuary is Chintsa West. About 16km from Exit 26, a turn-off for Chintsa West leads down to the two hostels of note. Four kilometers down the road, another turn-off leads to Chintsa East (12km). It takes about 10min. to walk from Chintsa West to Chintsa East along the beach, but nearly 30min. to drive there due to indirect roads.

Kims Place – Chintsa East
676 Fish Eagle Drive
Opposite The Barnards